Mountaneous Landscape
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The phenomenon taking place in and around Lake Champlain is multifaceted and complex. In the end, we are faced with two broad possibilities; either there is an unknown, amphibious or aquatic species in the lake that is responsible for the reports and the data, or there is no such species. 

If this species does exist, what is it? If it does not exist, why then does the phenomenon exist in the first place, and what is its true nature?

To conclude anything, both of these hypotheses must be explored and examined on an objective, scientific level. What is the evidence that suggests the phenomenon is psychological, and what is the evidence against this, therefore suggesting it is zoological?

Below, you can find all of the scientific information collected by the LCZI and its members.

Mansi Photo Size and Distance Estimates

Mardis-Dranginis Sonar Audio and Visual

Captured at the site of the Bodette footage.

July 4th, 2017