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The Bodette footage was shot in 2005 by fishermen Peter Bodette and Richard Affolter. The footage shows a strange, slender object just under the surface of the lake next to the men's boat. The footage has not been released to the public in its entirety.

There is much contention over what the object is. Some site it as a head-and-neck of a plesiosaur-like animal, some interpret it as the appendage of a larger animal that can be seen further back in the frame.

Existing analyses suggest the object, whatever it is, is indeed moving independently, turning to its right and even adjusting its front, (perhaps opening a mouth), at one point.

The Olsen video was shot in 2009 by Eric Olsen along the rocky shoreline of Oakledge Park, Vermont. The video was shot early in the morning and shows an animate object swimming or otherwise maneuvering through the shallows of the water.

The object is long and seems to raise one end of itself out of the water at several points; which part of the object this is is still in debate. The shape of this part of the body also seems to change, implying a changing of position or where the object is facing. 
Eric Olsen refuses comment on the video. Analyses agree that whatever it is, it is an animal of some kind.

The MuldersWorld footage is a piece of surveillance footage captured on November 21st, 2013. The location it was shot at is unknown, and is only known to be somewhere on the lake. The footage shows multiple shots of an object that makes its way across the field of view, and then turns around to go back the other direction, suggesting that it moves against any prevailing currents at least once.

The 2002 Champ Quest footage is a piece of footage shot by former researcher Dennis Hall. It shows what appears to be a long object moving at great speeds through the water; unfortunately, the footage is low quality, and not much else can be discerned. The extremely unstable nature of the image of the object also calls into question whether or not it is being added to by other visual phenomena.

A Champ documentary produced by Asahi Broadcasting in 2016 captured footage of an animal interacting with bait in Lake Champlain. There are several interpretations as to what might be in the footage, and it cannot be determined what species it is, let alone if it is a familiar or unknown one.